Monday, January 16, 2017

Human hair clothes

What you think about this kind of knitting ? 
Maybe it's okay, as well as wigs, we are used to. From ancient times people used animal skins and fur as clothing. Why hair makes discomfort for some people?

Slikovni rezultat za hair dress

So, what do you think of Gaga’s gown o’ hair? 

Povezana slika

Wedding Dress Made of Human Hair, at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Povezana slika


In modern Western society, clothing made of human hair is quite a novelty. It’s usually used in cutting-edge or alternative designs. But during World War II, human hair was seen as a viable substitute for other fibers in short supply. The bolts of cloth on display at Auschwitz are a grisly woven memorial to the horrors of the Holocaust. The cloth didn’t originate as a memorial, but was created as part of everyday trade agreements by the Nazis. The Nazis traded their prisoners’ hair to German factories, which mixed it with various fibers to make fabric.

..and in the end......

You Can Never Have Too Much Bush, So Here Are Panties Made of Human Hair

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So, have you any comments?

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